Registered Businesses - Looking up a Business Account Number

Some departments have forms that require your Business Account Number. This number is assigned by the Treasurer-Tax Collector. Some forms reference the registered businesses dataset on the open data portal as a place you can find your number, and you can generally find your number here. If you have trouble, we suggest you contact 311 who will best be able to help you get your number.

Here are the steps to find your Business Account Number (BAN) on the open dataset:
  1. Go to the registered businesses dataset
  2. In the upper right-hand search box, enter a keyword or two to filter the list. We suggest starting with one or two keywords from your fictitious business name (DBA) or ownership name.
​​​The search box is in the upper right hand corner above the dataset
  1. The Business Account Number is in the second column, find the one for the record representing your business
​​The Business Account Number is in the second column of the registered businesses dataset

I still can't find my Business Account Number

If you can't find your BAN, please contact 311 directly online or call 3-1-1. This is the fastest route to get someone that can help you.

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